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Collagen is a structural protein that acts as a building block for your bones, teeth, muscles, skin, joints and connective tissues. 75% of your skin and 95% of your bone mass is made of collagen. From our mid 20s onwards, our body starts to lose its ability to make collagen by approximately 1-2% each year, leading to visible signs of aging, loss of elasticity, sagging skin, and fine lines and wrinkles, making our skin vulnerable and easily damaged.
  • Reduced appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Smoother and firmer skin.
  • Strengthening of hair and nails.
  • Faster wound healing.
  • Tissue and cellular repair and regeneration and nourishment.
  • Gut health and repair.
  • Repair and formation of connective tissue.

REJIVANATE contains 100% pure Marine Collagen Peptides from Wild Caught Cod skin(Gadus Morhua) from the pristine North Atlantic Ocean. Our marine collagen does NOT contain any fish scales or bones and we do NOT use a mix of fish species and we definitely don’t get fish farmed in Asia which is sold as European origin.

REJIVANATE contains highly absorbable Hydrolysed Type 1 collagen which is the most abundant extracellular matrix protein in the human body, with a molecular weightof 3kDa.

REJIVANATE is enhanced with food grade enzymes to create short chain peptides, enabling 1.5 times more absorbable by the body

‘Hydrolysed’ simply means breaking a hydrogen bond with water. Much like during digestion where you chew your food to break it down into small particles, hydrolysis breaks collagen into smaller molecules, making it easier to absorb into your body.

Definitely not. REJIVANATE ONLY contains 100% pure collagen from Norwegian Cod skin (Gadus Morhua). Our marine collagen does not contain any fish scales or bones, we DO NOT use a mix of different fish from different sources.

Drawing on more than 30 years experience as a qualified natural health practitioner, I personally researched, resourced and managed the development and production of REJIVANATE from start to finish. Every element of REJIVANATE has been given my complete attention to ensure the same level of credibility and uncompromising integrity that I have shown my patients since 1988.

We are proud to have sourced this pure product with full traceability certification right from raw materials, to the fishing vessels, right through to the catch details. We know where the product comes from, how it is sourced, and how obtaining it effects the greater good of the planet. Authenticity and purity of ingredients is our pledge and our guarantee. Always. No exceptions.

Every year over 25 million tonnes of fish waste is discarded into the environment. That’s right … 25 million tonnesisdumped into our precious environment that we love and are trying to protect.

We don’t kill fish to obtain our REJIVANATE collagen,we mindfully recycle the skin of wild caught cod to ensure care for our environment and to deliver an honest product of the highest quality.

YES, we are fully sustainable and most importantly not derived from farmed fish that are fed pellet food and end up consuming other fish’s excrement.

There is no such thing as a vegan collagen as all collagen comesfrom either chicken, porcine(pig), beef, or fish sources.

Products claiming to be vegan collagen are a mixture of ingredients that are formulated with vitamin c and zinc, ingredients used in collagen synthesis, that very cleverly allow the manufacturer to claim that the product is collagen.

To preserve the premium quality of nutrients contained within REJIVANATE, we DO NOT recommend adding it to tea, coffee or any other hot drinks or hot food.

It has been shown that caffeine significantly affects collagen synthesis. The results presented provide evidence that caffeine has an inhibitory effecton collagen synthesis in confluent human skin fibroblasts, regardless of the presence of HA.

REJIVANATE dissolves easily in water and has no taste or odour.


STRIP Metabolic Drink is a natural metabolic formula that nourishes the body and allows metabolism to perform at its peak capacity without the sucrose (sugar) and high amounts of caffeine contained in most energy drinks on the market.

STRIP Metabolic Drink can be used by almost anyone wanting to achieve peak metabolic function, from us regular, everyday folk to elite athletes.

As per our product label, STRIP is not recommended for children under the age of 15, or for pregnant and lactating women.

Most energy drinks contain massive amounts of caffeine and sugar, whereas STRIP has minimised the caffeine content and does not contain any added sucrose(sugar).

Thanks to our understanding and research into the nutrients that improve metabolic function, STRIP has been developed as a safe and effective formula that is drug and chemical free, benefiting both metabolic function and overall health.

Authenticity and purity of ingredients is our pledge and our guarantee. STRIP is ethically formulated with the freshest, accurate raw ingredients and manufactured under stricthygienic conditions. We have nitrogen flushed our sachets to reduce moisture and remaining air to maintain the stability of the ingredients.

We are not here to discredit other sports drinks but in the spirit of competition are offering a revolutionary new formula that covers just about every aspect of metabolic performance.

STRIP was formulated and developed mindfully by leading Sydney Naturopath, David Jivan ND MD (A.Med), due to his frustration at not finding a formula on the market that he could recommend to his patients for their optimal metabolic function and performance.

STRIP was created using a qualified and experienced health care professional who specialises in Natural Ergogenic aids in metabolic function and is backed by clinical research into the ingredients in the formula.

Yes, although while most energy drinks contain 40 –160mg of caffeine, STRIP contains approximately 12.8mg of caffeine per serving, or around the same as a cup of green tea.

Strip has a refreshing lemon/lime taste. The palatable sweetness comes from Thaumatin, which is a protein that mimics the taste of sugar. Thaumatin is not a synthetic sugar but rather is safe and naturally sourced from the Katemfe fruit.

Simply add the contents of one STRIP sachet to plain water and mix slowly. Be careful to avoid vigorous shaking as STRIP has a slight effervescent (fizzing) effect.

Do not add STRIP to your smoothie, coffee, tea or milk.

STRIP is a pre/during/post workout formula so it can be taken at any time during physical exertion.

For a pre/during/post exercise supplement Add the total contents of the STRIP sachet into 400-600mls of plain water and drink half before exercise and the remainder prior to finishing your exercise program. Room temperature is preferable.

As a pre-exercise boost only Add contents ofthe STRIP sachet into 250-300mls of plain water and drink prior to exercise.

As a hydrating and nourishing supplement Add contents of the STRIP sachet into 600-1200mls of plain water and sip during the day.

Due to labelling laws for a formulated supplementary sports food, STRIP is only able to claim low dose input amounts of B vitamins.

However, we can confidently state that STRIP contains 40mg of each of the B vitamins with the exception of except folic acid (400mcg) and B12 (4mcg), thereby reducing the need for additional B vitamin supplementation while taking STRIP.

This further confirms our commitment, without compromise, to mindfully deliver the most natural and potent synergistically formula available.

Strip contains the essential electrolytes; potassium, sodium and a substantial 347mg of magnesium.

Absolutely, as there are many ingredients in STRIP that would support your program.

STRIP contains 17 calories per sachet.


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